I had the privilege of interviewing some of the world’s most interesting people during my years in print journalism.

Luckily I sold first publication rights only when these stories were originally published and retained copyright, which allows me to post a sampling of old articles here.

The Most Cats Under One Roof In North America

A story I wrote about a house in Kingston, Ont. that was home to more than 640 cats. It was a gruelling assignment: I’m terribly allergic to cats!

Rumours of More

The area around Toronto has been booming for years, but as this story made clear, there are those not so keen to cheerlead the relentless march of progress.

Ticket-busting: The Biggest Game of All

The CEO of a lottery corporation lost his job because instant-win lottery tickets were flawed. But it turned out the real story was quite something else.

The Car That Refused To Roll Over And Die

A fun story about the old Ford LTD, the tank-like rear wheel drive colossus that just would’t stop selling.

Inside The Diplomatic Pouch

Canada’s ambassadors seem to do an exceptionally good job of reading the world. History perhaps offers no better example than the remarkable insights of Robert Ford, who fingered Gorbachev as an important historical figure long before anyone had ever heard of him.

Even In A Bear Market, Slime Pays

Canada’s least glamorous criminal, the grease thief. But it turns out this yellow sludge from the cooking grill is a valuable commodity, subject to back-alley heists.

Revving Up The Investor

Initially the Plastic Engine Technology Corp. seemed to be the stuff of small investor dreams. The truth turned out to be different.